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TSNO-Region 17
Celebrating School Nursing Excellence

Region 17 - Scholarships

TSNO Region 17 is honored to announce scholarships to further the nursing education of their members. Scholarships (amount given subject to change yearly) will be provided at Lubbock Christian University and Texas Tech University for their nursing programs . These scholarships are for TSNO Region 17 school nurses/members only and each university will determine who is awarded these scholarships. The following links will provide more information on how to apply for a scholarship along with how to log on and print a NASN membership card needed for verification.

Requirements to apply for scholarships:

  • Must be a current NASN/TSNO member (for the school year attending/membership cannot expire; proof of membership card will be required)

  • Must be a current Region 17 School Nurse (verification of employment by a Region 17 district will be required)

  • Must be accepted and enrolled in a nursing degree program (school of nursing) at Lubbock Christian University or Texas Tech University

  • Must meet Lubbock Christian University or Texas Tech University application and scholarship requirements (refer to universities for further information)

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center:

NASN membership card (login required):

Lubbock Christian University:
**APPLICATION Due to Jada in the Department of Nursing by August 1.
(Download PDF Here)

LCU Nursing Texas School Nurses Organization (TSNO) Region 17 Scholarship Application
The Region 17 TSNO has established the Texas School Nurses Organization (TSNO) Region 17 Scholarship with Lubbock Christian University.

1. The scholarship is to be awarded to one TSNO member enrolled and completing a degree at Lubbock Christian University. The scholarship will be awarded in the fall semester to an applicant fulfilling the recipient criteria established by the Region 17 TSNO. The scholarship is $1,000.00 for the fall and $1,000.00 for the spring semester of the academic year 2017-18.

2. Application requirements:
-The student must meet the admission requirements and be in good academic standing with the university.
-The student must be a current Region 17 School Nurse and supply proof of membership for the academic year the scholarship is awarded.
-The student must be an active member of TSNO/NASN verified with the current president or other officers for proof of active status.
-The application deadline is August 1
-The scholarship will be awarded over 2 semesters with half the amount awarded the first semester and the other half awarded the second semester.
-If no student is selected to receive the scholarship, the principle earned will be held for subsequent year’s awards.

3. To apply simply complete the application (Download PDF Here) and either mail it to the LCU department of nursing at 5601-19th St. Lubbock, Texas 79407 or drop it by the office
to Jada at 1919 Frankford Ave.